7th Rubyconf Brasil

Rubyconf Brasil has established itself as the largest Ruby conference in Latin America. It's going on every year since 2008 and now we come to the 7th consecutive edition of one of the most successful tech conferences in the world. In 2013 we had more than 900 attendees plus almost 32,000 unique visits to the recorded talks.

Speakers from all over the world collaborated to make it happen. We already had well known speakers such as Chad Fowler, Rich Kilmer, Jim Weirich, Scott Chacon, Chris Wanstrath, Obie Fernandez, Matt Aimonetti, Charles Nutter, and dozens of others. This is your chance to showcase your expertise.

Rubyconf Brasil already has a venue, at Frei Caneca Theater and the dates are confirmed for 28 and 29 of August so book your flight and hotel right away!

If your company is interested in becoming an Sponsor for this amazing conference, send an email right away!

Call for Proposals

We have 2 full days with 2 parallel tracks, with English to Brazilian Portuguese real time audio translation. There's going to be around 30 talks selected to compose the conference schedule. The priority will be technical Ruby related themes. They're going to be 40 to 45 min slots.

It's important to make everybody know about you and your talk. Make sure you write a very comprehensive bio about yourself and don't forget to include the target audience in the talk description. The most descriptive, the better for the audience.

If you're coming from outside of Brazil, don't forget to assess if your company can sponsor your travel expenses. If that's the case we will add your company as a conference sponsor and their logo will show up in the official website and printouts throughout the conference floor.

Submit your talk proposal using the form below. Help us spread the word about the conference and we will keep you updated about the selection process.

We will keep this Call for Proposals open until around April 30rd.