9th Rubyconf Brasil

Rubyconf Brasil has established itself as the largest Ruby conference in Latin America. It's going on every year since 2008 and now we come to the 9th consecutive edition of one of the most successful tech conferences in Latin America. In 2015 we had more than 1,100 attendees plus thousands of unique visitors to the recorded talks.

Speakers from all over the world collaborated to make it happen. We already had well known speakers such as Chad Fowler, David Black, Jim Weirich, Scott Chacon, Chris Wanstrath, Josh Kalderimis, Koichi Sasada, Charles Nutter, and dozens of others. This is your chance to showcase your expertise.

Rubyconf Brasil already has a venue, at FECOMERCIO (São Paulo, Brazil) and the dates are confirmed for September, 23th and 24th so book your flight and hotel right away!

If your company is interested in becoming a Sponsor for this amazing conference, send an email right away!

Call for Proposals (CLOSED)

After about 2 months online we shut down the Call for Proposals on May, 31st with way more than 200 proposals Thank you for participating and stay tuned while we compile and select the final 70 speakers that will speak at Rubyconf Brasil.